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Quey Percussion Duo (Koshinski/Broscious)



This recording is a small selection of the nearly 200 works written for the duo over the past 16 years, which have been created through three large commission contests and by working directly with composers. Two of the titles represented on the recording are winning compositions from the group’s composition contests in 2005 (In the History of Man) and 2012 (Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba). In addition, many works composed by duo member Gene Koshinski were written specifically for QPD, two of which are represented here on this album.

The most prominent composition is the double percussion concerto entitled, soniChroma, recorded here with full orchestra. As the title suggests, soniChroma (meaning “sound color"), is focused on creating unique sonic and instrumental combinations. This can be seen throughout the orchestra, but prominently in the large percussion solo setup which contains over 80 instruments, including skins, metals, woods, strings (guitars), non-Western instruments, and found objects. The solo parts reflect the diverse performance demands of the 21st Century percussionist, ranging from classical percussionists, drum set players, keyboard soloists, contemporary multi-percussionists, and world music performers.

Innova (#1039)

Paper Covers Rock
Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba
Impression of Chinese Opera I. Chang he Zuo
Impressions of Chinese Opera II. Nian
Impressions of Chinese Opera III. Da
In the History of Man
soniChroma I. Arylide Spark
soniChroma II. Cerulean Dusk
soniChroma III. Electric Amaranth
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